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User master

User master is to prevent specified applications from starting and block access. It can also prevent access to unauthorized menu. The using user name the software keep track on all transactions done in software. We recommend to create individual User id and password should be provided each Software operator.


It is an entry screen of User master

Mention the Name of the Staff to further process.

Enter the Login Name of the staff and Password

Once password is entered press ENTER key, it prompt you to retype the password.

If the user is to assign right , then it is enable with the tick mark on  Admin and limited enable option.

Click on save user info button to save the entry.

Once the user is added, Click Privilege to set the menu level to access the rights.


 Select the User name from Drop down list. Click on the particular menu name to access right.

Maximum Discount Allowed by this login: Which is to control the given check-in/check-out discount percentages?

For the purpose of securities, if we stroke on the Active button, the transaction cannot be altered by other users.

Printing details are permitted to Limited user if we stroke it.

Make sure about the menu that you have selected are required menu to the user and then press save button to save the information.

How to use the User Master