Payment register
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The Payment register module is used for capture the multi type payments.

The register is designed for accept multi paymode towards single payment.

Example: [the customer need to pay  $1500, but the customer may not have full cash , so he can pay partial cash and remaining in any other mode such as credit/debit card or Cheque/DD. Here in  Payer pay  $500 as Cash remaining as Credit card.
Step1 ;  Click on  “CASH” button the Enter the amount as 500,(optionally u can use Cash register to capture the note denomination) . Click on Add  button.
Step2: Click on “CREDIT/DEBIT CARD” button the Enter the amount as 1000, Enter Card details and party name. Click on Add  button.
Step3: Click on Save button.]



Example: (capturing the cash denominations)

 The Payer need to pay total amount of $450 by CASH. But he paid $500, so we have to payback his change amount.

Step 1: Select the “CASH” button, then enter the amount as $450.

Step 2: Click on “CASH REGISTER” button.


Step 3: Enter the Counts of Payer paid amount Denominations at Payin Column.

Step4: if any Change has to pay back to Payer enter the paid amount denominations at Payout Column.

Step5: Click on “UPDATE” button.

The bellow Screen shows the total counts of cash denomination in your counter as bellow.


Click on “Close” to Close this Screen.

PAYOUT: Take cash out from cash register.

The cash can be taken out from cash register


Step1: Enter the payable amount with –ve sign amount.

Step 2: Click on Cash Register. 


Step 3:  Enter the counts of Denomination for payout amount. Then Click on “UPDATE” button

For make your counter denomination counts perfect you have to follow the steps as described above.

This module‘s are optional for use.If wants exact count of their cash they can use this cash register.