Kitchen Display system

Kitchen Display System

The Software can be integrated to Restaurant Management Software (Weltraum POS). Using this integration we can post the Food Bills Directly to Room Guest Ledger by Using Room Services Mode.Every good chef knows the best kitchens are those that have mastered communication and timing. A some what more peripheral benefit of kitchen displays is that they help to reduce waste at your restaurant.This helps to streamline operations and to ensure that your guests receive their food as soon as it is ready, so dishes are never delivered cold.

The KDS displays all the current, pending and served orders on the screen, ensuring that your staff do not miss any orders or double order an item leading to wastage. Instead, they are looking for real-time order information. Regardless of the order type, with our restaurant system software, the kitchen receives the order instantly in the Kitchen Display System.


  • Kitchen Display Systems Provide Increased Service Speed and Efficiency.
  • Track individual item cook times.
  • Ensures food is prepared for delivery to tables at the proper time.
  • Cost savings on paper rolls - environmentally friendly.
  • Kitchen Display Systems also help to reduce wastage at your restaurant, which eventually reduces the overall food costs.
  • The Kitchen Display systems are a one-time investment. Once installed and integrated through the POS, they are actually cheaper than the paper KOT.
  • The KDS sorts the orders automatically and sends them to the specific KDS station based on the order type.

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