Weltraum PMS – Hotel Management Software

Weltraum PMS – Hotel Management Software


Weltraum PMS is a comprehensive and lightweight application designed to help you to easily manage and organize your hotel reservations, customers and rooms.
The application comes with an intuitive interface that helps you generate reports of the availability of rooms and payments. Also, you have the possibility to perform online reservations and monitor your clients. 
Weltraum PMS is a reservation software system that was created to simplify the booking process and enables you to improve your business.
The Weltraum PMS software is internationally markets integrated software solutions for the hospitality sector.  The Uniqueness of the product comes with their Customization of the product as per Customer needs. It is a comprehensive software suite consisting of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management. Weltraum PMS Hotel Management software is designed to management Small and large Scale Hotels.
The front desk features for Weltraum PMS software would include reservations management (check-in/check-out, [The Guest Billing Method enables as PostPaid Billing and PrePaid Billing]. Booking, room availability, and unoccupied rooms), guest profile management, rate management (rate/Tax rating), reporting capabilities, customer communication, night audit, daily ledger, and housekeeping management/maintenance. Back office features include accounts payable, asset accounting, and general inventory. Complete Solution Better Look, Easy To Manage, Secured and User Friendly. Better Integration of Modules/Reports, Low Establishment Cost, Easy to Learn/Teach. Multi User, Network Enabled Serves Multi purpose in Single Application.
Modular Structure of  Weltraum PMS- Hotel Management Software
  • Hotel status from main screen with Color code indication for Room status view with user defined color.
  • Easy interface for Room Check in Check Out, Service Details Entry.
  • Easy Room Reservation, Block/Unblock Rooms, View and Cancellation facility,
  • Multi Room Check in,Room Booking,Hall Booking, Generate Booking Calendars
  • Easy user interface for Add/Edit/Delete Room/Room Category Details.
  • Guest Address Book.
  • Checkout Bill printing with Preprinted stationary/ Normal Paper.
  • Room Transfer.
  • Enabled for Lesserjet/InkJet/DotMatrix Printer For Printing
  • Full Network Enabled Application.
  • Strong User Management, Privileges
  • Easy to Configure Software.
  • Provision for Service Charge, Extra bed charge, Telephone Charges, Taxable amount entries.
  • Guest database with advance search, export & import facility
  • Flexible Taxation and Service Tax provisions
  • Transaction Reports
  • Night audit Reports, Chart view,Shift Report, Cashier Report
  • Daily/monthly Checkin-Checkout Reports
  • Daily Collection register
  • Availability Summary & Stay Information Grid.
  • Full Fledged House keeping with Laundry Issue/Return Entries and Reports
  • Stock Purchases, Floor/Room Stock Entry/Stock Removals, Room maintenance, Service Entry and Reports
  • Ledger Creation/Subledger Creation, Voucher Entries
  • Daybook, Ledger Reports, Trail Balance, Balance Sheet
  • Customized Features/Reports on demand
  • Charts for better representation of data.
  • Features/Reports can be customize on certain level.
  • Summary reports for the exact picture of the property as and when required.
  • Print/View / Exportable /Searchable reports.
  • Shift wise Reports, Cashier Reports,
  • Cash register,
  • Sales report,
  • Floor wise room status view customization.


Reservation (Room Booking)

The concept ‘reservation’ which is used in the hotel, because for the booking or reserving of a room (accommodation) by a guest. Reservations leads to reserving of a particular type of room for a particular guest for a given period of time. It also gives the guest the first impression of the hotel. Reservations involve activities which do not take place in front of the guests. The centralized reservation displays real-time availability of room, rates, guest profiles and other reservation tools enables you to manage all type of reservation. the guest can reserve the room with two option like reserving room with total number of room or with specified room number.





Room Allotments

The Room Booking is made very much easy ever. The Simple Screen for Room booking makes you easy booking entry, Adding Multiple rental Components. Food/Catering Menu Items accepted multiple mode of payment. Flexible Search and Reporting options. The Booking calendar is Show you the picture of Future events in One Screen. The rooms in the allotment are available for booking by the guests directly from the hotel or via the web pages before a certain date or on the basis of availability.Every guest or group which visits your hotel is different and so are the needs or the preference they may have.


Group Booking

Booking a group of travelers is easy as doing an individual booking in Weltraum software. Select the rooms you want to allocate to the group and club them together under the groups name. Group booking concept is used for multiple room booking in a single check-in. The software can mark some reservation as active or deactivate for mismatch between the various reservation list. If there is so many reservation, some reservation may be kept deactive until the guest confirms the reservation. If the due date of the reservation crossed away, the software automatically cancel the reservation and rooms are available for others to book.

Weltraum PMS Hotel Management Software Checkin Screen

Room Check-in

At hotels establishments, guests are usually required to check in, which involves providing or confirming the guests personal information and providing a signature.
When the Guest is arrived to hotel, we need to ask the required room, there Name, address and Contact Details. After Collecting their information we feed it in System, for feed the information of Guest and their stay Details we are using Check-In  Entry Module.
The  system that identifies returning guests is also fundamental to an efficient and personal check-in process. From a simple interface to proactive recognition of special preferences or requirements previously noted on a guest’s profile, check-in staff can make repeat guests feel valued.
Electronic Door Lock integration enabled will create key card automatically while chick-in.



Chargeable and Non Chargeable PAX

The hotel charge rent for only chargeable PAX i.e., only for adults, not for non chargeable PAX.
For example a family of 3 members with 2 adult and1 child occupied a single room, the hotel will charge rent for only adults not for the child. The chargeable PAX will be 2 and non chargeable PAX is 1. Non chargeable PAX is considered as children.


Black Listed Guest Alert

The system maintains a database of the every guests who has visit the hotel.If any guest as misbehaved with staff or misconduct with any property of the hotel, you can make black list of such guest for the future reference. the reception will get to know that the guest name is on the list, just with a single click. the guest details will be matched with the database and alert the staff. The staff can also disallow the ban manually if the guest has been part of the list by mistake.


Check in Monthly Rate

This is applicable only if the Room is allotted in monthly basis. Monthly rate will be applicable for guest who stays for the long time for any business purposes or functions etc. The guest visit the hotel for long day purpose like official or project basis. So the guest stay in hotel more than 30 days or a month and such charges is not considered as rently basis. The software supports this concept for the benefit of guest by monthly rent basis instead of daily basis.



Check in Hourly Rate

This is applicable only if the Room is allotted in hourly basis. The amount of money that is charged for every hour occupied. You pay a fixed or hourly rate for the advisers’ time rather than paying for the whole day charges.
The guest come to hotel just for the some hour not for the whole day. The guest visit the hotel for some occasion, so to freshen up or to relax, the guest check-in the room for few hour instead of full day. The software supports this concept by charging rent for hour basis.


Guest Care

As Guest Care Manager you will be responsible for the day to day running of the guest care team and will be an essential part of the management team on center. You will act as a key point of management contact for our groups immediately prior and throughout their stay. As well as excelling in all aspects of leadership and mentoring, you will have a high focus on guest welfare. Development of the guest care team is a key aspect of this role.The Effective Module is designed to help the Guest Care manger this is one module for Handle the Hotel Related issues and Solutions.


Door Lock

Using electronic locks means that you have chosen high quality products to protect your valuables and guests properties. Electronic locks provide maximum safety and convenience and help to reduce operating costs. these door lock cards requires no wiring, adopts smart card to perform control function and unlocking function, is completely independent and stand-alone, is controlled by program resident in the lock and activated by cards which are coded by issuing computer. All of these make installation and maintenance becomes simple and easy.

After Check-In activities


Merge Check-In

Merge check-in is used to combine the two or more into single checkout. If one or more room has been check-in by the guest for the family, the guest can make a payment in single checkout. We can merge two or more rooms of different check-in at a time on check-out. The details of merged rooms are in combined form. At the end of check-out, entire Room services of merged room are in a single bill.


Split Check-In

It is an opposite action of merge check-in. If the guest has check-in by multiple room with single check-in, such check-in can be splitted individual after check-in from split check-in option. If any 2 room occupied on the same day, but that each room wish to check-out on the different day. Here we can add the rooms or remove the rooms.


Add Multiple Room into Single Check-In

When you enter the check-in screen, alter the room number for required room number demanded by the guest and select room number button, it will show you list of room numbers, select the room number which you want add from the list.


Remove a room from selected list and add another

Select the room number that you have to remove and press remove selected room button. And to add another room, press select room number button, it will show you list of room numbers, and then choose room number from the list.


Transfer room

Transfer the Room Details to another Room for the same guest without check outing the room. This type of transfer is possible for any type of category rooms. You can directly transfer the room from previous room, it is not necessary that you have to check-out the previous room.


Swap expenditure

Swap expenditure is the module for exchange the room service charges between rooms. That means if a case of group or individual check-in the amount accumulated in guest ledger can be transferred to another guest/ room.

Weltraum PMS Hotel Management Software Checkout ScreenRoom Check-out

Check-out one of the most critical function of a hotel if not the most important, it requires undivided attention of the front desk team as it will leave a lasting impression on your guests. The process has to be quick and error free, you can generate invoices in no time, add extra charges and process payments while offering guests the service they deserve.


Handling Credit Bills

The guest has check-in the room by the name of the company, such payment is shown as credit basis while check-out and such charges is done by particular enterprise. Such payment or transaction are shown as credit basis until the settlement cleared by the company. While in the group check-in, one of the guest want to checkout before the reserved date and the room rent is paid by other remaining guest. Such payment shown as credit and charges is posted to remaining guest ledger.


Cancel check-out

Cancel Check-out is the module for Delete the Check-out Entry. Once you cancel the check-out, the room reverse back to the occupied status along with all details of guest. This is used to make correction in wrong bill or mistake check-outs. Cancel check-out is not simply deleting the record. But here we take care about the security of data. Each Cancel check-out is recorded in audit trail report.


Payment Mode

The payment may in the form of CASH, Credit card, debit Card, Cheque etc. The payment Module is designed to make easy capture all type of payment modes. Select the Proper mode of Payment give by the guest and Update the payment Details. By Default system will consider the payment Mode as CASH.


Night audit

A hotel night audit verifies the integrity of accounts through cross-referencing. A hotel night audit is conducted on a daily basis due to the transactional nature of the hotel business. The weltraum software helps to record a complete information related to management of the hotel and accounting in particular form by dayend process.  One of the primary functions of the hotel night audit is to ensure that all transactions affecting guest and staff accounts are posted to appropriate folios before the end of the day.


City ledger management

City ledger management concept which explains the credit bills of the guest. If the guest check in the room with the company name and such charges will paid by the company in future days instead of the guest. the guest of the company or any individual guest who makes the hotel rent charges on credit basis, such outstanding amount will record in city ledger option. In up coming days the guest or related company will claim such outstanding amount by lamp-sum.

House Keeping 

The housekeeping in hotel is responsible for tidiness, maintenance and upkeepment of the organization. The role of housekeeping is to keep clean, comfortable, and safe house. It is the extension of basic housekeeping multiply by commercial proportion. Thus we enjoyed keeping a sparkling house for ourselves and the guest who visit at the hotel. These system will help to speedup your housekeeping service and maintenance. 


Mini store

The in-house store and service center for avail various product and services to the hotel guest and walk in customers. Which is related to stores of the hotel like Bisleri, soap, remotes, etc which are room service items.


Room repairs and maintenance and report

If there are any problems with the room or any of the appliances in the room, you can report it, in this option. Scheduled and emergency repair and upgrade for all aspects including ventilation, control systems, lighting and security systems.Reporting of room maintenance by floor wise or by Room wise For floor wise Report select the Floor and Select the period. For Room wise Report select the room Number and Select the period.


Lost and Found Management

The payment may in the form of Cash, Credit card, debit Card, Cheque etc. The payment Module is designed to make easy capture all type of payment modes. Select the Proper mode of Payment give by the guest and Update the payment Details. By Default system will consider the payment Mode as CASH. Lost and Found management section is gives you Lost and Found item form. This form carry all important details of the guest, enabling easy management and better tracking. 



Laundry is the washing of clothing and linens. Laundry processes are often done in a room. Laundry output is easily impacted by limited manpower and machine maintenance. In compliance with market norms and principles, we are actively involved in rendering a wide spectrum Hotel Laundry Services to our customers. Provided services are rendered using premium input factors that results high quality cleaning to the used products. These services are used in hotels and restaurants for cleaning the dresses of guest. Apart from this, we are providing these services at very affordable prices within the stipulated period.


Download Hotel Management Software Version V 2017.09.01 Demo (GST and VAT Ready)