Weltraum Petro Software

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Today, when the business environment is so competitive, entrepreneurs are becoming more and more dependent upon technology, such that they can be at par with the latest trend. Keeping this in mind, we have brought in the very efficient petrol pump management software in market that is capable of handling a wide range of activities.
In today’s competitive environment, businesses are becoming increasingly dependent on technology, making it imperative for you to be in tune with latest at all times. Given this, how do you ensure that all the software in your organization is always correct? Simple! With the Weltraum Petro software.
Weltraum Petro is a business application for the Petrol Pumps community. It takes care of all the day-day activities of the Petrol Pumps and covers all aspects of the Petrol Pumps industry.It is very simple to use and it automatically takes care of all your business needs.
We are among the pioneers in India to develop and implement software for Petrol Pumps. We are among the first ones to develop software that is exclusively for petrol pumps to manage billing and accounting. Gradually, we kept updating our software and kept increasing our customer base. This enhancement is possible only because of  our customers has faith on us and referring our names to  their surroundings.


Modules of Software
       Product Master: Create new item viz. petrol,diesel, gas, lubricants etc.
       Item Group: Categorization of the items
       Item Unit: Create units viz. liters, pieces etc.
      Unit Conversion: Relationship between units viz. one dozen equals 12             pieces
       Dip Chart -calibration Entry module.
       Party Master: Categorization of the party viz. school bus, transporter etc.
       Vehicle Entry: Create vehicle identity according to party
        Tank Entry: Create tank in relation to meter reading machine. This                   includes tank code, fill type, max capacity etc.
        Meter Reading: Create meter reading machine in relation to tank. This            includes machine number, tank code etc.
        Sale: Sale entry
        Purchase: Purchase entry
          Ledger Creation: Create party (sundry debtor, sundry creditor etc )
          Ledger Group: Create ledger category
          Voucher Configuration: Create numbering either manual or automatic
          Payment: Payment voucher entry viz. payments made to sundry                      creditors
          Receipt: Receipt voucher entry viz. payments made to sundry debtors
          SMS, Emailing, Letter Generation
          Repair Database
          Manage Database: Compact the database
          User Creation