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Weltraum POS - Restaurant Management Software

The Weltraum POS - Restaurant Management Software is something that is very simple and is unique in its layout. This software is typically simple in its implementation and its running. The Restaurant software usually comes with diverse security and is laid out in a fashion that makes it simple for someone to utilize.

Weltraum POS Restaurant software is designed to management Small and large Scale Restaurants, Hotels. Features for Weltraum POS Restaurant software would include KOT Creation, Billing, Quick Bill Printing, Bill Settlement Process, Accounting, Flexible MIS reports, Rate management (rate/Tax rating), Daily ledger, and housekeeping management/maintenance, Stock Maintenance, general inventory.

  • Complete Solution Better Look, Easy To Manage, Secured and User Friendly.
  • High End Domain Usage, Better Integration of Modules/Reports,
  • Lookup on Presenting Better Performance,
  • Intensive Support for valuable process


Here you can choose the Order Types

Room Services

The Software can be integrated to Restaurant Software. Using this integration we can post the Food Bills Directly to Room Guest Ledger by Using Room Services Mode. You can even set credit limits, settle the payment by directing to the room folio or make direct settlement as per the guest’s request. Payment is effortless with Weltraum POS restaurant software multiple payment options of Cash, Cheque, Debit/Credit Card. Activate ‘Happy hour’ offers with discounted pricing and keep your restaurant.

Dine In and Take Away

Weltraum PMS Hotel Management Software Checkin Screen

Here you can view the seating arrangement in the system. The tables are display the live status of individual tables. Guest wants to Dine In from your Restaurant, the POS will let you switch-over your order types depending on the guests coming in. POS system will let you take Dine in orders as per the courses you define at your restaurant, making it easy for categorize the billing. Moreover, the feature of guest-check paves way for a smooth settling of orders. A comprehensive point of sale system is the only thing that you need to take your restaurant to the next level.

Home Delivery

The customer wants to get the order delivered at his place or Home. You can fetch customers’ address with built in map generation capability and route the driver for easy deliveries. To receive & manage orders from all sources at a single place. Track complete order fulfillment cycle from order received to dispatched to delivered.Get your deliveries auto assigned to your nearest & free delivery agents as soon as the order is prepared. Track delivery status real time by knowing your agent’s GPS location as well as enable your customers to track their delivery agent.

Weltraum PMS Hotel Management Software Checkin Screen

Kitchen Display System

Weltraum PMS Hotel Management Software Checkin Screen

The Software can be integrated to Restaurant Management Software (Weltraum POS). Using this integration we can post the Food Bills Directly to Room Guest Ledger by Using Room Services Mode.Every good chef knows the best kitchens are those that have mastered communication and timing. A some what more peripheral benefit of kitchen displays is that they help to reduce waste at your restaurant.This helps to streamline operations and to ensure that your guests receive their food as soon as it is ready, so dishes are never delivered cold. Read more....

Web Reporting Module

Web-based reporting tool that lets you easily generate reports. Software is installs Web reporting module as Add On as per requirement. This module is the web based interface, which is designed to View or generate Real time report on Web browser. The web based report which helps the management to show the latest information related to the present day or any preceding day with quick response at any place of the world. The Restaurant management person can view the Report from his mobile or personal computer at any point of time at any part of the world.

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